Success Coaching

with Cat

Why do I need coaching?


As we near success we tend to self-sabotage. Working with a coach can help you recognize these tendencies and overcome them, allowing you to move forward into a better life. If you are looking to find yourself, figure out ‘what’s next?’ or increase and improve in all areas of your life - health, wealth, love and happiness -  Cat is here to help you overcome your blocks and fears and finally find your greatest success. 

With a background in spiritual teaching, Cat is gifted with the ability to see what each person needs to improve in all areas of their life.  She has helped individuals gain confidence in themselves, in their gifts and has guided many - from that first sloppy step forward, all the way through finding their ultimate happiness. 

Cat is here to help you step out and be who you came to be.  Start today - answer the calling in your heart!


What should I expect in a coaching session?

Coaching is about YOU. In every coaching session, Cat creates a warm and inviting safe space for you to share. Time will be spent allowing you to unburden yourself, and really delve deep to find the root causes of any problems you may be having. Coaching will allow you the time and space to breathe, to talk, and to truly find yourself. 

At the close of the session no matter what is shared Cat brings it back around to concrete advice you can take home with you.  Usually 1., 2., 3., action steps to take.  Distinct action plans will be made for you to follow to start improving your life TODAY.

What makes Cat different?


Cat RunningElk has worked as a professional success coach, counselor, speaker and psychic for over twenty years. She is a certified Reiki Master, and has worked as a professional Reiki Practitioner in numerous hospice, nursing homes and AIDS facilities. She is a Professional EFT Practitioner with specialization in Matrix Re-imprinting. Cat has taught Tarot, Psychic Development, Numerology and facilitates past life regression therapy.


Cat has worked with people from all walks of life. From her time spent offering counseling, spiritual guidance and healing on Rosebud Reservation, to her time speaking in churches and teaching classes and workshops everywhere from Disney World to Body Mind Spirit Expos around the nation, Cat RunningElk has done it all. She has an international following and coaches individuals all over the country, both over the phone and in person. With two books published ("Mystic Mommy", "The Healers Charm") and the third on its way, she has the talent, insight and real-world experience to guide you to your own success. 

How do I begin?


Sign up for your first appointment TODAY by clicking the button below - it will take you Cat's store where you can sign up and download the information sheet on what to expect and how to come prepared to your first coaching session, so you can make the most of your time!

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