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From the  moment you first speak with Cat, she is aligning with Your Guides, Angels, Loved Ones and more.  She connects with your Animal Totems, and will share wtih you who and what she sees.  She listens to any loved ones that may be helping you, and delivers their messages in an open-hearted compassionate manner. 


Cat will channel what you need to know right now, to move in the direction of your greatest happiness, health, wealth and love.


Cat is gifted with the abilties to see, hear, know and feel those on the other side, who are trying to get their messages through to you.  There are messages you need to receive.  She has been helping individuals just like you gain confidence in themselves, by sharing the truth and wisdom that is here for you.  Cat is here to help you, from that first sloppy step forward, all the way through to finding your ultimate happiness. 



What should I expect in my first session?

From the very first moment you connect with Cat, you will know she is focused on YOU.


In every session, Cat creates a warm and inviting safe space for you to share.  To begin the session together, Cat will guide you in a brief meditation.  During this meditation Cat will call in your Spirit Guides, Ancestor Spirits, (Loved Ones from this lifetime and other lifetimes), Angels, Archangels, Star Beings, Spirit Animals (Including Animal Guides, Totems and Your Power Animals), as well as the Elemental(Fairy Realm).  During your meditation Cat will be gathering information from these other realms.  She listens carefully, taking down as much information as she is given.  Then she will bring you back from the meditation.  The meditation allows Cat time to connect with your energy, and the Divine Guidance working with you through your Guides, Loved Ones, and Angelic Beings in many dimensions.  This sacred time also helps you to relax and prepare to receive the Wisdom that will pour forth in the session. 


After the meditation, before she begins sharing her own insights, she will ask you to share anything you heard, saw or felt in the meditation, so you can remember and register any slight feeling or great 'aha' that may have come to you during this sacred time.  There are always opportunites to grow your own intuitive and psychic gifts with Cat's strong energy field allowing you to connect with greater ease than you may find on your own.


Then Cat will share what she has to tell you, before she has learned anything about you.  Many find questions answered even before they have asked for what they wanted to know!  Many find the information here validating and comforting.  


The next part of the session is for you to share what is on your mind, or in your heart.  You may share your story, questions, and any concerns you have.  Cat, and all of your Guides, listen. You will be given time to unburden yourself, and Cat may guide you in delving deep to find the root causes of any problems you may be having. Cat will allow you the time and space to breathe, to talk, and to truly find yourself.


Cat remains connected to Your Guides throughout the session, and will answer your queries by checking in with those on the other side, listening and watching for their answers.

At the close of the session no matter what is shared Cat brings it back around to concrete advice you can take home with you.  Usually 1., 2., 3., action steps to take.  A clear, concise action plan will be given for you to follow to start improving your life TODAY.  And remember, this guidance is all channeled through, just for you, from those who are with you everyday, guiding you from the other side.


What makes Cat different?

Cat RunningElk has worked as a professional psychic, success coach, spiritual  counselor, speaker and healer for more than twenty years. She is a certified Reiki Master, and has worked as a professional Reiki Practitioner in numerous hospice, nursing homes and AIDS facilities. She is a Professional EFT Practitioner with specialization in Matrix Re-imprinting. Cat has taught Tarot, Psychic Development, Numerology and facilitates past life regression therapy.  (Also available for clients with recommendation after the first session.)


For more than two decades, Cat has criss-crossed the United States, leading workshops, offering private counseling, working at psychic expos, and even doing readings at Disney World.  She has served on Rosebud Reservation as a healer and counselor, and continues to reach people where they are, connecting on a soul level.  


Cat Channels Infinite Wisdom and Unconditional Love from the Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Angels, and Star Beings . They are all wanting to help you wake up to who you are and why you’re really here.


In every session, Cat shows up as ‘the hollow bone’, a Native American term that means she clears out her ego, so she may be available to those in Spirit who want to assist you.  In this way she is channeling wisdom from those who came before.


Your Private Psychic Coaching Session with Cat may include many healing tools, but she always makes herself available to bring through whatever is highest and best for you!


She has an international following and guides individuals over the phone. With two books published ("Mystic Mommy", "The Healers Charm") and the third on its way, she has the talent, insight and real-world experience to guide you to your own success. 

Start TODAY!

Fulfill your life’s mission and experience a healthier, happier, more prosperous life for yourself.  As you break free and shine your light in the world, you make this a better world for all.



One-On-One Psychic Coaching Session with Cat


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